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Benefits of two shot Molding

.Complex moldings _Two Shot Molding gives the capabilities to produce moldings that are both visually pleasing and also have the desired characteristics that are required of the component.
. Cost reductions – Two Shot Molding allows complex component moldings to be molded in a single tool. This means that post-molding processes are not necessary to joint separate moldings together or to apply color to components. This also reduces the amount of labour required and further reduces running costs
.Improved quality – As the entire production process is carried out within the molding tool, each of the component moldings will be exactly the same. Enhanced machine technology helps to lower tolerances and ensure that the quality of every part produced is exactly the same. In the instance of seals being molded into a product as one process, this would have the major benefit of being certain that there will never be a seal missing
.Reduced cycle times – Two Shot Molding incorporates both phases of component production into a single cycle with a very short break when the tool repositions. This means that complete parts can be produced in as short a time as possible
. Improved bonding – By molding the two parts of the component in compatible materials a very strong bond is created between the two parts. This insures a good quality product that will be much more reliable in service



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