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We have world-class injection machines, Demag 14 set, ranging from 80 tons to 285 tons. Nissei 14 set ,ranging from 20 tons to 100 tons. We also provide from 350 tons to 850 tons to molding. The Plastic Injection Manufacturing service strictly follows the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

The outstanding quality, comprehensive overall service and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities

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have formed a solid basis upon which KYH has built up a wide variety of long-term international customers


>> Double Injection Room
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In addition to the single-color injection molding to meet the demands of customer, we also provide two shot injection molding service .Two shot molding (2k) is both molded parts can be molded in the same tool. This is achieved by creating tools that have two separate component cavities and can be rotated through 180°, The difference both cavities of tool isn’t move, Just the same both cores of tool to rotated through 180° ,so that they line up with the two injection units. In the first step of the process a pre-molded part is created in the first cavity.

The tool then opens to allow the necessary rotation through 180° to the secondary position. Now when the tool closes again the pre-molded part is in the second position so that it can be finished with the second injection. During this second phase the another, pre-molded part, is being produced in the first position so that the process is a continuous cycle

Two shot molding combines two plastic materials injected into the mold to form a single part with two visible colors. This process allows for clear windows, colored lettering or graphics or just a decorative and stylish appearance to your part. Colors of the parts from injection molding are easily changed to allow using one mold to produce parts with different appearances for product differentiation


Benefits of two shot  Moulding  [ Read more... ]


>> According to customers’ requirement, we can use the imported high-quality plastic raw material from manufacturer as follow

   • GE     • BAYER     • POLY   • Chimei     • Santoprene     •Dupont

>> We have experienced many kinds of materials in molding process. For example

  • ABS   • PC  • ABS+PC   • PS   • SAN    • PP   • NYLON   • NYLON+Glass Fill   • PMMA    • POM   •  PET 
  •  TPE   •  TPR    •  TPV     • PU




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